Perfectly Peeled Avocado

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The most important thing you should know about avocados (apart from the fact that in proto-Aztecan language this word was sometimes used to describe one intimate part of male’s body) is how to clean the berry (yes, botanically speaking this is a berry containing one big seed) and separate the flesh from the skin. Completely. In one go. Can you imagine it – absolutely painless removal of the avocado meat?

You know the drill. You take an avocado, go around it with a knife. Then take one half of an avocado in one palm and scoop it with a tablespoon. Ok, this might work out, to be honest, and it’s not a bad method per se, but sometimes your hand slips a little and the spoon goes awry. And eventually you are left with a not perfect half. Probably not a big deal, but what are perfectionists gonna do?

Still, there is another method, quite popular on the internet among people who like to be popular on the internet. Bloggers, yes, they often insist you take a tall glass and put the flesh of the avocado on to the rim, pushing the berry down, while holding it up straight. By doing so you basically divide the skin from the flesh. Well, actually it’s the rim, not you. This technique is fancy, but c’mon, this looks great only with the 20th take for the Instagram story, not a thing you’d really wanna do on a daily basis. But give it a try if you’d never had to before. Just to make sure we are right.

But if you take two halves, put them ‘face down’ on a board and cut’em longways, then you are on the right track. What will you have to do is to take each quarter-berry, pry its skin and pull it towards you. If the avocado is ripe (and you always wanna be sure it is) then you’ll be able to skin it ideally. No, really. It’s an insanely good method, it’s pure magic and it’s so easy you won’t believe till you try.

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