One, Two, Punch

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It’s difficult to make up a better time of the year for punch than December. Your dearest people gather together in all kinds of interesting sweaters, everybody is smiling, singing and chattering. And then you realize that you are running out of Glühwein! Right now, a punch is probably a good idea.

And it truly is your lifesaver. Because more often than not you can’t remember any of those fancy cocktail recipes and even more often than that you don’t want to end up drinking a screwdriver. And punch definitely looks more attractive, sounds interesting and tastes far better than simple vodka with orange juice.

And to do it you don’t have to be super creative. Just scoop through your drawers and check what’s left of booze: rum, tequila, brandy, gin – all counts. Get out your serving bowl and pour two parts liquor there. Then add two parts juice: orange, lemon, lime, grapefruit, pomelo. Blend citruses for better flavor.

Mix everything up and chill in the fridge if you want. However, if the party demands an immediate solution to thirst, take out some ice cubes, drown them in the punch together with some chilled sparkling liquid, be it sparkling wine, seltzer, champagne, apple cider or even ginger beer. Taste it as you go to balance out the taste and flavor nuances.

Want more holiday mood into that? Just add some Christmas or gingerbread spice mix into the bowl or try some juniper berries and spruce sprouts to get things going really Santa Claus-y.

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