It’s snack time! Which one should you choose?

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Depending on your activity during the day and regardless of your age, you may feel like eating a little something… Your body is asking for a break and you need a little boost to keep you going until the evening meal.

The first thing to take into consideration is that eating a snack does not make you fat and will only have a positive impact if you choose what you are going to eat with common sense.

Yes, there is a big difference between eating a healthy and balanced snack (your energy and vitality!) and the one you eat out of greed, stress, rushing at the first thing you find…

So, from there, there are 2 things to know…

Firstly, it is difficult to trust manufacturers. Chocolate or cereal-based bars are often too rich in poor quality sugar, full of saturated (or even trans) fats, low in vitamins and minerals, contain flavours, E’s, etc. And often, although it can “fill” your taste buds, there is a high chance that the little boost it gives you will quickly end up as a real energy floop. That’s because it’s “too sweet” and that’s what we try to avoid.

Secondly, it is interesting to take 2 minutes to ask yourself the following question: am I really HUNGRY or am I BORED and want to eat? It’s very different in terms of how you feel and in both cases, it’s really worthwhile to go for a balanced snack, which naturally gives you pleasure (a very important notion that we can’t exclude, we agree on that…) but also a certain balance to avoid the famous yo-yoing with hypo-hyper-glycaemia.

Well, now that the theory is set, what do we eat to combine pleasure and vitality?

For a snack, I suggest several alternatives that should satisfy your taste buds…

Vegan energy balls

Here’s a simple idea that you can prepare in advance and that doesn’t require any machines.

Take fresh dates, mash them with a fork (or by hand) in a bowl, add a little bit of ground almonds (or your preferred nuts, like hazelnuts for example), a little bit of cocoa powder (if you’re more of a choc ‘alcoholic it’s the best!), mix and you’re done!

No need to weigh or complicate yourself with a recipe. Use your creativity, add powdered coconut, seeds or even berries (goji for example). Mix in between each addition to see what texture you get and when you feel the dough is “dry” enough to be rolled into a ball: go for it! Make small balls, keep them in an airtight box and voilà!

Serve your snack with herbal tea, for example.

Chocolate, oilseeds & fruit

Don’t feel like putting too much effort into preparing your snack? Keep it simple! A local seasonal fruit, a piece of quality dark chocolate (min 70%), a handful of oilseeds (walnut, almond, hazelnut, cashews…), an infusion, and you’re done!

Olives, cheese & oilseeds

Fancy something savoury? You can opt for a savoury snack, easy to take away. Prepare yourself a small jar of olives, with a piece of cheese (preferably goat’s or sheep’s cheese, made with raw milk) and a few oilseeds… It’s simple and effective, perfect to take away in your bag.

You probably already know that everyone has their own desires and habits. Snacking is not compulsory but if you feel the need to eat something, by moving towards a nutritious combination you will bring good nutrients to your body which will give it back to you in the form of energy to end your day smoothly!

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