DIY Windowsill Herb Garden

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How to turn your windowsill into a wonderful herb garden

To enhance your dishes with fresh herbs, herbs from your own garden are ideal. Don’t have a large garden? This DIY herb garden for the windowsill is the perfect solution!

Bunches of herbs bought at markets or supermarkets usually die very quickly and wilt before you have time to use them. A small herb garden is not only delicious but also perfectly designed to ensure you always have fresh and aromatic herbs on hand.

Prepare the Bed

Start by measuring your windowsill so you can choose the ideal pots or flower boxes for your own herb garden.

Suitable Soil

Soil with a low nutrient content is the ideal choice to plant the seeds. You can find this in a local garden centre or nursery.

Selecting Seeds

Make sure you choose an organic product. You can find these seeds in organic food stores or in large garden centres.


Fill the pots with soil and sow either several seeds into a large pot or a few seeds into smaller containers. Water the seeds and place cling film over the herb containers — this helps the pots contain moisture. Always check that the soil remains moist!


As soon as the seedlings are 5-10 cm tall, transplant them into larger pots. This will give your future herbs more room to grow and thrive. Even after transplanting, it is important that your future herb garden is consistently watered.

Our tips:

Choose pots or herb beds with drainage to allow excess water to drain out and prevent waterlogging.

Using planters will help keep your windowsills dry

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